Products & Partners

Conexient carefully fosters partnerships with a select group of product and services companies to bring our customers best-in-class technology at the best price. Our criteria is simple: if the company provides a great product with great customer service, and that product would improve many of our current clients’ businesses, we form a partnership.

The best way to know how well a product works (and how well that product’s company supports it) is to use it at Conexient. We train in, and in many cases, use the products we offer. With technology changing at such a rapid rate, we’re always evaluating our products, product knowledge and partnerships. When something isn’t quite right, we change it. Our clients’ trust in us is our most important asset, and we take that trust very seriously.

Our Primary Partners

Dell Computing


When we first began our partnership, Dell had the trajectory and products growth to meet the increasing demands of business technology. Now, over a decade later, that partnership is stronger than ever. With the dedicated team of people we work with at Dell, we can assist our clients in navigating their vast array of products—from desktops to the datacenter.

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Scale Computing

Scale Computing

There are a lot of “converged” infrastructures out there. What Scale Computing offers is true hyperconvergence: a complete, scalable infrastructure where storage, servers and virtualization are seamlessly integrated for easy management. More simply put, they offer a beautiful solution to a complex need at an unmatched price.

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Juniper Networks

Juniper Networks

We choose to partner with Juniper Networks because of their high-quality network infrastructure solutions and superior customer service. Every day, Juniper helps customers build the best networks on the planet.

Some of the biggest and busiest internet service providers, cloud and data center providers, major banks and seven of the eight largest stock exchanges in the world depend on Juniper Networks to deliver mission-critical transactions, applications and services.

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Product Solutions


Server infrastructure, desktop and application virtualization allows companies to consolidate, efficiently deploy and deliver IT services and applications. Businesses can operate with less physical hardware and benefit from faster deployment times and reduced energy consumption.

For IT folks, that means spinning up servers in hours instead of days and shortening your project times from start to finish.

Network Infrastructure

Network devices securely deliver the content needed to run our businesses, connect with friends or just see the latest weather report. Routers, firewalls, switches, wireless access points and many other devices make up the network infrastructures that get your data from point A to point B.

We know what it takes to keep data traffic flowing securely and efficiently—keeping you connected.

Data Storage

As business transactions around the world increase in speed, quantity and size, the amount of data that must be kept continually available also increases. Exponential growth of data is the norm. To keep pace, a storage network solution must be proactive and automated—able to scale at the first signs of growth.

With nearly a decade of experience, our team can design the right storage and data protection solution for your company’s needs. 

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